DANISTER – just like the upper part Danuvius and the lower part Ister (ancient Greek: Istros) of the river Danube combined into one of the largest rivers in Europe, the founders of the company understand their contribution of expertise and knowledge as a steady inflow, in order to be able to advise companies and entrepreneurs comprehensively, professionally and internationally when making decisions.

DANISTER – consulting company based in Munich, Germany founded in 2020 by interdisciplinary specialists for the valuation and exploitation of intangible assets, brand design and brand strategy, IP management and crisis management, supplemented by more than 20 years of experience in industry, banking and finance, technology development and consulting.

We cooperate with a network of international experts and experienced professionals, with market research institutes and scientific institutes in order to be able to offer our clients the best possible advice.

People behind DANISTER


Physicist (Dipl.-Physiker)
Tankred Z. Vogt
CEO / Managing Partner


Giuseppe Sorrentino


Prof. (FH), DDr. MBA
Mario Situm

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